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Flexible Technology

Monitored environmental (carbon monoxide, gas,water detectors and temperature devices) for 24-hour supervision from anywhere.

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Cutting Edge

Expect more. Better security, increased awareness, mobile control, and new levels of interaction.

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Secure Your Business

We're experts at designing/installing systems that ensure a safe and secure workplace within your budget.

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Your Security

SG Security Systems, Inc. can install and service your home or business security system, fire system, carbon monoxide and smoke detectors, cameras, and keyless entry equipment. In addition, we provide monitoring services to help you get the most out of your system.   Our 35 years of experience in the security business makes us the trusted local security choice.

We custom design various types of home and business security alarm systems as well as video surveillance systems to meet your precise needs...




Monitoring Adds Protection

Alarm monitoring adds that extra level of protection that you need to ensure the safety of your loved ones and your property.  Monitoring is provided by a UL licensed central station.  In addition to reporting the alarms to the central station for emergency response, you can sign up for customized email alerts, text messages, monitoring and control via web and PDA, iPhone, Android, and BlackBerry Apps. With, you can take advantage of all the power of advanced wireless, web and mobile technologies to make something truly better and safer. With we can offer you features that aren’t available from other home monitoring systems.




Why Switch to SG

Not getting good service?
Paying too much?

Response time not satisfactory?
Is your system antiquated, is it time to upgrade?
Not happy with the features of your current security system?

SG Security Can Help!

We can work with most systems and provide local support and maintenance as well as monitoring.

Our expert staff can assist you with activating or upgrading your existing system and provide you with a solution that works for your home or business.

Have an existing system?

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